Mortgage Deals on Brand-New Homes in Market Weighton

The Market Weighton marketing suite is open by appointment and our Deposit Match means you can reserve the 3 bedroom Beverley Plot 9 or Plot 7 with only a 5% deposit and we’ll pay the remaining 5%, or instead fix your mortgage at 2% for 2 years when buying Plot 7, Plot 9, Plot 10, Plot 11 and Plot 14.



Our offer is based on the current Santander 75% LTV, 2 year fixed rate, 4.31% capital and interest mortgage over a 30 year term. The subsidy calculation is based on the same product, but at an interest rate reduced to 2%.

The difference between these rates will then be paid upon completion into the purchasers nominated bank account over 24 equal monthly payments.

You can find out more about how this works and what your savings will be by using a mortgage repayment calculator.

Inputting the total loan amount (purchase price x 75%), followed by an interest rate at 4.31% over a 30-year term, will calculate the typical monthly repayment.

Change the interest rate to 2% and the difference between the payments x24 months will be the total value of the subsidy received by Mulgrave Properties.


Here are some of our FAQ’s or please contact us for more information …
1. Which homes currently qualify for the 2% 2-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Fix your mortgage at 2% for 2 years at Lister Gardens when buying Plot 7Plot 9Plot 10Plot 11 and Plot 14

OR reserve the 3 bedroom Beverley Plot 9 or Plot 7 with just a 5% deposit and we will pay the remaining 5%

2. I need to borrow more than 75% LTV – will the fixed rate cover a higher LTV?

No, however you’ll still receive a mortgage subsidy based on the Santander 2-year fixed-rate 75% LTV

3. I don’t want the Santander product i.e. I want a mortgage for 50% LTV over 15 years

You will still receive the mortgage subsidy based on the Santander 75% fixed rate 4.31% product over 30 years

4. What happens if I do not require a mortgage?

You will still receive the subsidy over 24 months