Community in Cloughton

We take great pride in supporting our neighbouring communities, ensuring that every Mulgrave development helps to reinforce the Yorkshire region and are delighted to have joined forces with the Cloughton History Group in assisting with the installation of a wonderful public project nearby our homes at Granary Folde and coming soon to Burniston.

Being close to the coast and en-route to Whitby and Scarborough, the North Yorkshire village of Cloughton attracts many visitors’ year-on-year, and, in 2021, The Cloughton History Group proposed a project presenting a sample of the beautiful buildings and wildlife, in order to engage sightseers while exploring the surroundings.

Later that year, local ceramic artist Gabrielle Naptali, who had already designed a number of large-scale installations around Scarborough, was commissioned to manage the creation of a glass mosaic panel, covering 2 m2 and exhibiting aspects of how the village has changed over time.

“Initial funding was obtained from The Duchy of Lancaster and North Yorkshire County Council and in January 2022, Cloughton residents, including many Mulgrave homeowners, were invited to share their thoughts of what they would like the mosaic to illustrate,” says Rosemary Oliver, Secretary of the Cloughton History Group.

“The Spring of 2022 saw the start of many colourful glass pieces being cut to shape and stuck onto the drawn design, under the tuition of Gabrielle, who guided those who came each week, most of whom were novices to ceramics.

“Between March and October 2022 the mosaic panel gradually took shape and permission was granted for a plaque to be installed in the grounds of St Mary’s Church on the High Street, where it’d be easily accessible for public viewing.

In March 2023, volunteers joined forced to excavate a base for installation and in May 2023, the finished mosaic was fixed with waterproof bonding onto the base – an intricate operation requiring careful hands and much patience.

“A clay brick border was then installed around the mosaic and further funds generously given by Mulgrave Properties, in appreciation of the way the construction of the History Mosaic had involved numerous newcomers, many of whom had moved to their development in the centre of Cloughton and have since become happily integrated into village life.”

“The finished piece is a wonderful, detailed and historically relevant map of our history, made possible through close consultation with the community and the unwavering commitment of members of the History Society, their friends, families and neighbours,” said Gabrielle.

“The process of coming together as a group to create something which tells the story of the village is itself an inspiring and very rewarding experience which everyone has thoroughly enjoyed. The end result is a stunning piece and a much-loved addition to the village landscape.”

The Cloughton History Mosaic showcases the area over the decades, as well as much loved qualities and many fabulous flora and fauna found around the village and it is our utmost pleasure to have been involved.