Should I buy a new build home?

Weighing up the pros and cons of making your move? Purchasing a new home is a hefty life decision, so it is only natural to question whether now’s a good time to buy.

Here, we reflect on just some of the benefits of buying a new-build property that you may not have considered…

Less eco-guilt

Not only are new homes proven to be kinder to your wallet, but they are also helping cut carbon emissions too. Analysis of Government energy performance data has shown 2022’s new homes emitted 60% less carbon than older homes.

Lower running costs

HBF research shows the average new home is much more energy efficient that an older property. In fact, energy bills for new build houses are on average £180 per month cheaper.

When looking at the figures for all types of home (including bungalows and apartments) there’s an average saving of £135 a month compared to older properties.

Reduced mortgage rates

Furthermore, an increasing number of banks and building societies are either providing discounted rates on green properties or beginning to incorporate a property’s EPC rating into affordability calculations.

Therefore, those buying new-build homes are not only financially rewarded throughout ownership of the property, but also at the point of sale as well.

Specialist new build mortgage brokers, such as our recommended partners, can support Mulgrave customers as they navigate various options like this and help buyers reap the maximum benefit from buying an energy efficient home.

Unique buying incentives

While first-time buyers can benefit from a range of schemes designed to support access to home ownership in Yorkshire, such a 0% Stamp Duty payable in Burniston and Rufforth, there are also a number of financially attractive options for those looking to move to a new-build from an existing property, such as our choice of seasonal savings in Shipton by Beningbrough.

Homes built for the future

Putting the financial benefits of buying a new-build home aside, our developments are built with green space and biodiversity front of mind, helping us to construct wildlife-friendly communities.

Our homes also come with EV charging points fitted and hopes to help reach zero emissions by 2050, which is just one example of how new-build homes are equipped to support the needs of future generations.

No nasty hidden history!

Because our homes are brand new, Mulgrave buyers do not need to worry about wear and tear inherited from previous owners. Research has even shown it could cost more than £70k to bring an old home up to modern standards found in new build homes.

Peace of mind protection

Picture this: you buy a box-fresh home and can rest assured any defects found in the first 2 years will be covered. You’ll also have a whole decade of cover for any structural issues, as new build homes come with a 10-year insurance warranty, offering you more protection on your property.

Chain-free buying

The home buying process can be stressful enough without the risk of a sale falling through because of a link down the buying chain. However, when you buy with Mulgrave, it’s quite literally all about you. No seller. No chain.

These benefits have started to resonate particularly loudly with new home buyers and our properties across North and East Yorkshire are becoming increasingly desirable, offering unsurpassable pro’s, from cost-savings to energy-efficiency.